Em Hotep to you all from Khentesh in Sweden!

Em Hotep my dear family in Netjer!
I have been away from the site for a very long time due to severe depression and anxiety.
I am still struggling with it, but I am trying very hard to come back to normal life; and with it; as many aspects of life as possible, including the spiritual.

A little bit about me:

I was born to an extremely narcissistic mother and an enabling father and began feeling like the black sheep once my parents took in four foster children when I was seven years old.

My mother manipulated my father into estranging my beloved older half sister when I was seven (in 1985) and I spent thirty years looking for her, most of my efforts were thwarted by my mother, but in 2015 I found my sister and contacted her.
She has since moved to my town we have resumed our sibling relationship, and since early 2016, I have had no contact with my parents.

I was bullied in school from the day I set foot in preschool until I was around 16, and have endured too much to mention here.

I met the love of my life in high school, and we got married in December of 1996, when we were eighteen, and we are still married today.

My husband is disabled due to a congenital blood disorder, and is in need of a handicap assistant.
Since around the turn of the millennia we have fought against the authorities for his rights to as normal a life as possible, with reevaluations of his rights every two years.
This has taken its toll on me, and I have been on antidepressants and anti anxiety medication for twelve years now.
I still go to therapy once or twice a week, and I am scheduled to be screened for ADHD.

I joined the House of Netjer around 2008 or 2009, and upon participating in the Parent and Beloved divination, I was astonished to hear that my Parent was Sekhmet-Hethert Herself (one of my favourite Goddesses) and that Bast-Mut and Wesir were co-creators. (Bast is also a massive favorite of mine, and Wesir is awesome!)
I could almost not believe that Sekhmet and Bast were my personal Goddesses, because I’ve been obsessing over cats, big and small, since before I could talk, and have been fascinated by the ancient Kemetic world, society, stories and faith since early childhood.

I received the Shemsu name “Khenteshibemsekhmet”
Which translated somewhat into “Joy in Sekhmet’s Heart” and I felt right at home here amidst my fellow believers.

I am artistic and I usually love cooking food (when I am less depressed that is) and together with my husband, I own two rescued female cats (Maya and Wilma) and one pure white ball python girl with blue eyes (Miss Coconut).

I am interested in tabletop storytelling role-playing, sketching, face and body painting, human and animal rights, languages, history, religion, and all cool science-based things, from how a supercell thunderstorm develops to how are-gel and Tesla-coils are made.

I am curious and I love books, and that is how I came to the House of Netjer.
I bought a book about Bast and Sekhmet by Eloise Coquio and Storm Constantine, wherein they listed references and sources for their texts, and HoN was mentioned several times.
It sparked my interest, so I took the beginners class and decided that I wanted to become a Shemsu.

I have sadly been away from almost everything for quite many years, but the Gods have remained near and dear to me through everything, even though I have been very lax in my worship of Them.
My hope is that I will be able to celebrate the Senut at least once a week and celebrate the major festivals as well as being more active in the forums.
I am not recovered from my depression and my anxiety, and I don’t think I will ever be fully free from it, but I am doing as much as I can to try and live as normal a life as I can.

Returning here is one step.

Love all of you!

Senebty //
Khentesh ib em Sekhmet


Em hotep and welcome back!

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Em hotep and welcome back, Khentesh!


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Welcome home.

I too have suffered from depression for many, many years. I also grew up in a dysfunctional family. I hear what you are saying. I am so glad you can return.

Much love,

Rev. Tjesi

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Em hotep and welcome back!

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in hotep. welcome back. Sekhmet-Hethert is my beloved after RPD. if you wish we can share the experience we have with Sekhmet-Hethert. Senebty Tashepsytamun

Em Hotep Tashepsytamun!

I would love that!
Thank you for welcoming me! :purple_heart:

Em hotep you can write me an email. [email protected] Senebty Tashepsytamun

Em hotep and welcome!

Em hotep and welcome! I was just in Sweden this past April and currently learning svenska!

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Em Hotep!

Welcome back to the House. My parents are Set and Bast, and beloveds are Amun and Heru-Wer. I too struggle with depression and anxiety and have had regular therapy fir the last two years. I have found Bast to be a great help and always brings an influx of much needed solar happiness! I am from the US, happily hitched to my other half, and also birn in 78. I was Heathen, Asetro, whatever you want to call it for almost 25 years before Set led me here.


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As I am just seeing this now, em hotep och hej Khenteshi! Welcome back !

Em hotep, Kentesh!

Count me in with your depressed sibs.lol Always willing to listen if you need to vent.



Sat Yinepu, meret Hethert her Serqet