Em hotep! I am here,again……..

Em hotep brothers and sisters, and of course Hemet.

I am returning after a couple of years of sorting my head and heart out. A few years back I did the Beginner’s Course here, but at that time I was really still very tied to my former faith, and trying to be true to both it and Kemet created a war within my heart. I very much felt that the two faiths, although similar at their base are very different in every other respect. Being loyal to both would not work for me, even if I prioritised Kemet.

Interestingly enough though, I’ve since experienced my former faith fading from my life. Now I realise that it’s said that the Gods do not retreat from us, rather we retreat from them. But honestly, I think in this instance the Gods have stepped back from me. My former Gods I mean.

I have given deep deliberate thought about coming back to Kemetic Orthodoxy.
I do realise that I am ‘meant’ to be here, and boy, the Kemetic Gods have pulled me back……quick smart!
I am accepting their VERY gracious and insistent invitation to return to Kemetic Orthodoxy.

So here I am again Hemet, and brothers and sisters,
my name is Wendy, I live in Central Queensland, Australia, with my partner, 3 dogs and cat. My dear old horse passed away 2 years ago, he was 28. I can’t put him down on my list anymore, sadly. I know my Dad and ancestors take care of him now, and I also know he will be there to take me West when my time comes. I love this faith, and I hope to go through another Beginner’s Course. Can anybody tell me when the next course is please? I hope and pray to change from Remetj to Shemsu this time. I will take the step.

I pray for you all, the whole community of Kemetic Orthodoxy,
Your sister in Australia sends love and light,


Em hotep and welcome back

Em hotep and welcome back, Wendy!

Em hotep! Welcome back!

Em hotep, welcome back!

Em hotep! Welcome back!

Em hotep and welcome back!

Hi Wendy! I think it’s wonderful you feel such a strong call. I’m also waiting for a beginner class maybe we’ll be together. What brought you to Kemetic Orthodoxy?

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Welcome, may your continued journey here be all you can wish for :slight_smile:


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I would love to have you as a classmate! Wouldn’t that be just awesome?
Hmmm…… what brought me ? I can only say that it is an insistent nagging feeling from Netjeru. Really.
I have had callings from many directions during my life, but when it is all said and done, I now see that all of my ‘training’ has led me home to Kemet.

I began at 14 years old, way back in 1974. Rosicrucinism was my first training ground, then many years in Witchcraft, both Wicca and Traditional. Around 30 years there. Then I found Odinism, and found it to be a great blend of the Spiritual and Magical.
BUT apparently I wasn’t done yet! I so desperately wanted to become an ordained Priestess ( or Gydhja ) in order to be a hospital chaplain here, but no matter what I tried, when I went to put an application in with my group, it would never get to them. Years later, I have been led back to Kemet, the past few years having been very frustratingly difficult as the Norse Gods faded from communication with me. Despite agonized tearful prayer, rituals, spells and offerings, they left my life. The Netjeru became slowly and increasingly more present in my consciousness, I have to honestly say that I cannot claim any conscious or subconscious part in n this spiritual Odyssey, it has simply ‘happened’. I feel now that this has been the intention of the Netjeru all along.They are now most prominent in my life and I truly pledge to serve them with all of my ability.

Thank you for replying to me, please keep in touch!


Em Hotep Wendy,

Welcome back. I too spent time in Asatru and Odin “claimed” me. I still have a relationship with Him but I’m not actively involved in Asatru anymore (plus my Hof disbanded). I started my journey to KO as a child and then became involved in Wicca at 19 (became 2nd Degree Gardnerian) before Skadi led me to Asatru. I joined HoN in 2000.

I live on the NSW Central Coast :slight_smile: so always happy to see more Aussies in the House.



Em hotep!
Your journey here sounds interesting. Was it convoluted, like mine, or more clear and direct?
You mentioned that you started your journey to KO as a child. I’d love to know more about that.
Also, how did you complete your journey from Asatru back to the Netjeru?
Sorry if that’s too many questions, but our parallels are there and obvious. I’m intrigued.
Of cours, as I always maintain, please don’t answer if you don’t want to!
Love, light and Senebty.

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Wow, sounds like an adventure! I’ve been religious for a long time and studied witchcraft before but I’m new to polytheism. Hopeful though!!! Everyone has been very kind and welcoming so far