Em Hotep from Texas!

Em hotep!

I’m a new Remetj as of this week, and wanted to introduce myself properly. I have been a practicing Kemetic since I was 14 (I am 23 now!) so I would not consider myself a beginner to Kemetism as a whole, though at times I feel like I still have not scratched the surface! Still so much to learn. Djehuty led me to this path and He has remained the main focus of my practice throughout the years. He is very important to me :slight_smile:

Lately I have become very close to Yinepu and Heru-Wer as well. I have been mostly solitary in my path thus far, but am making a veritable attempt at connecting more with other Kemetics, which is one of many reasons I decided to join KO.

I have a particular interest in the ceramics, ethnobotany, perfumery, and sacred animals of Ancient Egypt, and love to research these topics. If you have any suggestions on books or websites relating to these things I would love to hear them!

In my mundane life I study ecology and agriculture, but after college I hope to be a full-time artist.

It is nice to be here and I look forward to getting to know you all!

— Morgan


Em hotep! It’s nice to meet you!

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em hotep and welcome

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Em hotep vítej . Heru-Wer je mojim milovaným, ráda se Svámí o tomto netjeru popovidam pokud chcete. Senebty Tashepsytamun

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Em Hotep and welcome

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Em hotep and welcome, Morgan!


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Ii-wy em hotep, welcome Morgan!

~ Nesi

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Rev. Tjesi

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Em Hotep and welcome! :blush:

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Welcome, hope we get to know each other better (and feel free to talk about my dad (Heru-wer) any time :wink: )

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Welcome. I’m new to KO too and to kemetism in general. Are you planning to take the beginner’s class?

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I just completed the beginners class! I highly recommend it if you do decide to take it :slight_smile: