Em hotep! From a twit!

Em hotep!
I am Frank, and my apologies for my errors I make using this site. I never know how to act when using forums, get nervous and inevitably make mistakes. Anyway, to get through the basics I’m AuDHD, use he/him pronouns identify as queer and finally applied for the beginners class after learning about Kemetic Orthodoxy in high school. For the record, at the time of writing, I’m 36.
I’m a spiritual seeker drawn to healing and also something of an entertainer, I like to make the people around me laugh and enjoy themselves. I want to learn about kemetic orthodoxy because Bast has been a spiritual fixture in my life since I was a child and first learned about her. Even when practicing a strict monotheistic faith my instinct has been to pray to her in times of extreme need. So I think it’s time to learn how to honor her, and other Netjeru, in a more appropriate manner.

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Em hotep! Welcome!

I am also queer and AutDHD, as are many people here, so you’re in good company!

Good to know I won’t be too out of place.

Em hotep Frank, and welcome!

You will find many people here who are willing to share experiences and give advice. (for instance, I too was brought her by Bast, but I didn’t have much of a youngster Egypt phase, it was a rather sudden moment when She picked me up like a kitten and dropped me into the forums!)

If you are looking for a more formal introduction to our specific faith, how we practice it, etc, you can sign up for our next beginner’s class, which will include lessons and chats.

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Thank you, I’ve already signed up for the beginners class, and hopefully my work doesn’t cause issues or my family. Recent events indicate things are about to get weird and hostile.

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Em hotep and welcome!