Em hotep from a long-time lurker!

Greetings and salutations! I’m Nyssa, a 31 year old Kemetic pagan from Australia. I use she/her pronouns and I’m soon to begin a Bachelor of Agricultural Science majoring in agronomy. I’m a late bloomer, but we’ve all got to start somewhere!

Speaking of being a late bloomer, I’ve been keeping an eye on the House of Netjer for, well, it’s embarrassing to say it - but it’s been over a decade! I religiously (pun intended) scoured the old public forums for information, even if it meant re-reading the same threads over and over, but the time never felt right.

Well, the time feels right now. If anything, I’m wrestling with major regret over the fact that, now that I’ve finally applied to the beginner’s class, I could’ve done it so much sooner! Of course, I trust in Netjer, and I trust that They kept this temple in my mind all these years for a reason. If I was supposed to come sooner, I’m sure They would’ve ensured that I did!

In terms of spiritual and religious history, I’m very unexciting! I was raised in a Buddhist household and encouraged to explore my beliefs from a young age. Like many, I was always fascinated by and drawn to Kemetic history and mythology, and my family supported me every step of my journey. Though I would say that I worship all of Netjer, there’s definitely three “main” ones! It was Bast and Khepera who first drew me close, but it wasn’t long before Aset settled into Her role as Queen of my life.

I’ve been following my little personal triad ever since. (ෆ˙ᵕ˙ෆ):heart:

I hope I’m accepted into the next class (it looks as though I just missed out on the last one!), and I look forward to getting to know you all!

Goodbye for now~


Em hotep and hello! Welcome.

em hotep and welcome!

Em hotep! Welcome!

Em hotep, Nyssa! Welcome!
It may be a while til you hear back about the class, with the latest one just starting, but once yours does come around I hope you enjoy it! In the meantime, there’s still SO very much to learn and read and discover, and lots of folks more than willing to chat! Lots of folks who have a relationship with Bast, with Aset, and several with Khepera! So while you’re waiting for class to begin, there’s plenty to do and see!

I hope you have a wonderful time here!


Em hotep, Nyssa!

I too was a long time lurker…
Then I felt a strong nudge.
Enjoy your explorations!


Worry not about the time, the gods aren’t going anywhere, and neither is the Temple :slight_smile: All things in their right time.

As has been said, a beginner’s course just started, so don’t worry about not getting responses for a while. Continue doing what you are doing: loving Netjer, reading, and learning. Those are always good things to do


I am also hopefully in the next Beginner’s class, and while I was raised with a Christian mother, and atheist father, actually found Buddhism early on and followed that path for over a decade.

I hope to hear more of your story, and welcome!

Em hotep and welcome!

Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome ♪

I really do think that finally reaching out and applying for the class was the right move. I’m sort of starting to feel at home here already!

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Em hotep and welcome! <3

It is normal to not hear anything back about the Beginner’s Class until the next one is about to begin. Furthermore, the application process for the Beginner’s Class is more about screening for intent rather than a spiritual beliefs test where you pass or fail. Applications are typically only rejected if there is concern that the applicant might have hostile intentions toward the community. Whether or not your personal practice is compatible with the House is something you decide at the end of the Beginner’s Class. <3

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I waited 7 years before signing up for the beginner’s class, and several years older. I too was told I would know when the time was right.


Ah, to clarify, because the English phrase “when the time [is] right” can have mystical connotations: If you apply for the Beginners Class well before the deadline and don’t hear back when everyone else is hearing back, please do reach out to us about it! We are only human, it is entirely possible that your application may not have been received, or that our reply was not received by you. Sometimes this happens if one has more than one e-mail address or changes their e-mail address between the time of application and the start of the next Beginners Class, for example. There is no mystical component to approving applications for the Beginners Class.

If, on the other hand, you are wondering about the right time to apply in relation to where you are in life and on your spiritual path, that is ultimately your decision. You may choose to ask your Netjeru (Egyptian Gods) for their advice on this matter, but I wouldn’t assume an already-sent application was eaten for Divine Reasons when human error does happen. :sweat_smile:

I apologise for any confusion I may have caused! I’ve applied for the next class coming up, and I’m not expecting any sort of mystic or spiritual weight to my application! :slight_smile:

No worries, friend. <3

The double-clarifying is for the benefit of anyone who might be reading this, since we receive questions about our Beginners Class application process so frequently. It occurred to me that there was potential for misinterpretation, since we have members from around the world may not speak English as a first language, and because some of our Kemetic Orthodox-specific application things do involve a mystical component. For example, much of becoming a KO Priest does include a more detailed approval process that does involve performing divination by the Nisut. It’s just that approval of applications for the Beginners Class does not. :+1:

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