Em hotep… again…

Checking in again! And I see we have another new forum! Seriously, this seems like a pattern, I keep getting pulled away, finally come back, there’s a new forum, I get resettled, and then suddenly a bunch of life happens and I find myself back here reintroducing myself!

I thought for a long time that maybe I wasn’t intended to be here, that everything kept pulling me into the world as a way of pushing me out. But before I continue, allow me to introduce myself:

I’m Tanesmuti, or Tanes for short, Daughter of BastMut and HethertSekhmet, beloved of Nit-Nebthet-Seshat and it has been an embarrassing number of days since I last checked in. :grimacing:

I’ve been a Shemsu since 2003 (don’t quote me on that, a lot of life has happened since then and it might be a year earlier)

My name means Flame of my Mother(s) and I was yesterday years old when it finally clicked that I am not a wanderer because I’m being pushed out, or told that this isn’t where I belong. I wander and drift because that is the path I have been set upon.

Going to close with that, because I’m not really comfortable putting everything on the public side of the forums.

So yeah, Em Hotep! Sisters, Brothers, and friends. :heart:


Em hotep, and welcome back!
I’m very pleased to meet you, and I hope to have the opportunity to know you better. :smiley:

Em hotep, welcome back!

New forums, yes :slight_smile: And a Discord too, not sure if you’ve been back since that was set up. Feel free to join the KO Discord, as a lot of the day to day activity tends to take place there.

~ Nesi

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Em Hotep and welcome back Sister! :heart: I am excited to meet you!

Em hotep sister! It’s so cool to see someone with a similar name to mine. Got to spread the fire<3

Em hotep, Tanesmuti!

(We have a Mamma in common!)


Em hotep and welcome back!

Em hotep and Welcome back

Em hotep, and welcome!

Em hotep and welcome <3

Em hotep and welcome back! It’s nice to meet you!


Em hotep! Welcome back!

Em hotep and welcome back! So good to meet you :heart:

Em hotep, ráda vás poznávám

Em hotep! It’s a pleasure to meet you, Tanes. :blush:

Tanes!!! Welcome back! hugs


Brother!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Em hotep! Welcome back!

Hello! Thanks for coming back. I’m sure the newer ones like me have lots to learn from you!

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