Donno Edwin Cole

Hello Grandpa,

You traveled West many years before I was born, so I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Donno, Jackies son.

I have your name, and am so honored to have it. I really don’t know a lot about you…most of the things I know are feelings from your children. Sometimes they would talk at holidays about the things that “Daddy” did. Even your big strong boys, Gary, Michael, and Dennis…all called you Daddy. It made me wonder what a wonderful father you must have been. I know that my mom loves you very much…she would have done anything for you.

My mom would talk about you every now and then…and always say how much you would have loved me. I guess I kinda always knew that…I have a picture of you, on my mantle with Grandma. She came to you and Uncle Dennis 6 years ago now. I try to keep you both in my hearts and thoughts each and every day.

I’ve only recently found that I can still have or build a relationship with you. I hope that someday maybe you’ll come to me in my dreams and we can talk. I’d love to know all about you. What you loved, what you hated…what you’re favorite foods were. I’d love to know some funny things about Grandma too. She always seemed so proper to me…I think I heard her swear maybe 10 times my whole life. Anyway…I changed my last name several years ago, to be a bit closer to you. I’ve tried hard to be a good person in my life so far, and am trying harder now days than ever before.

I hope I make you proud Grandpa, and Grandma and Uncle Dennis too. I love you all, and can’t wait for the day you and I can talk in my dreams.

All my love Grandpa…