Devon Dickey

My dearest Devon:

Its been 5 years this August but it doesn’t seem like its been that long. I still miss you. I’ve got the picture of you and I and the dogs on the beach in Oregon hanging on the living room wall so I see it every day. Three out of the 4 are passed now…I’m the last one still living. One day I’ll be gone too and that picture will be passed on to the kids to remember us by.

I wish you hadn’t gone love…I wish you could have found a way to get through the pain and take each day one day at a time. I wish you could have found Netjer and found yourself in the process. I know you wanted to but you didn’t get to do that.

There were so many things I didn’t get to tell you …I wanted to tell you that I was sorry I didn’t pick up the phone that night you called but you have to understand Devon that I couldn’t go through the pain again of watching you destroy your life and all the lives around you with the booze and the drugs.

I wanted to tell you how gifted you are, how smart you were and how I envied your ability to change with the situation and adapt to your environment. I wanted to tell you that down inside you were a good person and that you really did love more than just yourself even though you told everyone that.

I know now that you’ve passed you understand what its all about. I know that you understand there is no permanent death for any of us but rather a change in address, a change in the dimensions is all…and that you know I loved you and will always love you. I also know that you would have wanted to help others in the end and now I believe you have the opportunity to do that.

I’ve asked the Nisut (AUS) to make you an ‘official’ akhu for us. You can now help others and make a difference in their lives…and I think that’s wonderful :slight_smile:

Ma’a heru - may you be justified my love. I will see you again.