Dennis Leroy Cole

Hi Uncle Dennis!!

It’s been so long now since you went West, and I’m sorry that I haven’t talked to you more. I’ve just realized in the last 8 months or so that my relationship with you didn’t end the day you left…but was just changing shape a little bit.

I know that you are well, so I won’t ask how your doing…I’m sure that you were very happy to see your Father again, and then 6 years ago when Grandma came to be with you both. It gives me great joy to know that you are all together now…and that Grandma isn’t alone. It was very hard to let her go, but I know now that it was probably for the best. Give her a kiss for me please…tell her that I love her.

Do you get to go hunting? I know how much you loved it. I still have fond memories of my first and subsequently only hunting trip you took me on. In fact, I tell the story often of how I shot the pheasant. I may not have grown up to be a hunter…but I cherish those memories…of you and me and Uncle Jay out there, walking that field…in a warm fall day. It was fun…and I’ll never forget it.

Uncle Gary isn’t doing too well…I’m not sure how much longer he has here with us either…we don’t see him much anymore as he’s still into drugs and stuff. He’s really done nothing but hurt the family for the most part…and I’m sure he doesn’t want to, but he’s powerless against his addictions. It’s sad really…he was so talented. Maybe you can help him out…give him a swift kick in the ass or something.

I’m afraid I don’t know to much about Shane and Ashley. My mom has seen them at least once in the last year, and says they look good. Shane looks just like you. I guess he had some trouble at school, and some kinda nasty phone calls he made to a teacher…I don’t know much to believe cuz Marla is the one that told us…at any rate…just put your hand on his shoulder…and I’m sure he’ll do fine!

Ashley…well I don’t know much about her…Marla kept them pretty seperate from our family after you went West. So I’m afraid I don’t know them at all. It’s as much my fault as Marlas though…I haven’t made an effort either.

The shotgun you gave me, Uncle Gary hawked…and I’ve not seen it since…it was a treasured posession and I’m sorry it got disposed of so horribly. I loved that gun…because you gave it to me.

Well, I’ve gotta get going. I’ll be thinking of you, and promise to nourish your Ka…

Love you!