Daily Prayers?

I was wondering what anyone does for daily/weekly/monthly prayers or practice? I know daily is hard but I’m more just curious if there is anything that anyone does in some cadence. Maybe some people do something at least weekly with the netjeru. I’m looking for more ways to interact with them and I figure that prayers and/or offerings would be a good idea so I’m wondering what others do? I work mainly with Sekhmet but it will be months in between me doing something and I feel like I should be doing something more often. I got curious to see what others do so I thought I’d ask. And if you do offerings, what sort of offerings do you use and is there a particular reason for using those things? I’m sure similar topics will be in the beginners class which I’ve been accepted into but I’m still waiting for it to start.


Em hotep, MaiTai!

Among other things, Kemetic Orthodoxy itself has a core ritual, a daily rite known as Senut (a word meaning ‘shrine’) which was developed by Hemet(AUS) [Rev. Dr. Tamara Siuda] to bring a more formal structure to daily ritual life for Kemetic Orthodoxy. It is a daily meditation / prayer time spent with Netjer that usually does not last more than 30 minutes (and can certainly be shorter, the time may vary that you are spending in Shrine with Netjer based on day to day needs).

Note that Senut itself is not ancient (Kemetic Orthodoxy is absolutely a modern religion) but draws upon Hemet’s deep knowledge of Ancient Egypt and its spiritual practices to bring us this beautiful ritual.

While ‘daily’ is the ideal goal, many people may not be able to meet such frequency for a variety of reasons, and there is never any judgment on how often a person can actually do regular prayers and rites. But striving for more rather than less is key as it will always work to bring us closer to Netjer and our spirituality as a whole.

Offerings are very much a part of our practice as well. The individual Netjeru often like vastly different things :slight_smile: Cool water, candle flame, and incense are base offerings, but foods and drinks of a wide variety, as well as various objects like gemstones, jewelry, statues and other objects (really anything under the sun that is pleasing to Netjer) are also offerings. Frequently you can search the internet with the name of a Kemetic God + “offerings” and you will find what other people out there have found their Netjeru to enjoy :slight_smile:

You will definitely learn all about Senut (which is very much a core component) and offerings during the Beginner’s Class!

~ Nesi
House of Netjer Staff

They/Them | “Belonging to Wepwawet” 𓃧‬
sat Wepwawet-Yinepu, meryt Hethert-Sekhmet, Amun, her Nut


Nesi has provided some fantastic information!

In addition to regular Senut, I enjoy offering my meals. In particular, I love my Breakfast with Bast (alliteration is fun!). For now, just offer them with a sincere heart. Take a moment, focus on the God, and say Dua Sekhmet! (or Whoever) Then pause however long feels right (for me 2-10 seconds generally), and dive in!




I would love to do Senut daily, but currently it’s too much executive function most of the time to fit into my routine, so I do it weekly instead unless I’m travelling or have guests over (my apartment isn’t large enough to get privacy when anyone is staying over).

I do have some daily prayers though! I say a short prayer to Ma’at in the mornings, and the Sekhmet prayer against the pandemic. And I say a short prayer when I put on my necklace with the pendants I have from Bezen’s shop. I also offer one meal a day to my whole line up.

I also have a stone representing each member of my line up, and cycle through which one I carry with me. I offer one meal of my day to whoever’s stone I am carrying.

I like having little ways like that to stay in touch and connected with them, even when I’m not able to do Senut


I make things overly complicated because that’s my schtick. I’m also new here so can’t speak for KO. I looked up a lot of prayers on the internet from historical sources and/or beautiful prayers written by modern devotees and I use those fairly regularly. I also like to dedicate actions to Netjer based on what values I associate with Them/Their myths.

Like for Nut I might scry, or go out under the stars or do a death/ rebirth meditation. For Sekhmet I like to dedicate advocacy work or shadow work, Tai chi, things like that. I have a candle for each Netjer I’ve become acquainted with ( not many) and I take turns lighting them and offering something like herbs, or oil, or some kind of beverage which is largely based on unverified personal gnosis. I offered Sekhmet Vanilla Coke a few days ago because I thought the caffeine and vanilla combination worked with Her vibe.

I also like to do voice offerings or write letters to my akhu. Sharon Laborde has a good one. She also hosts a weekly Kemetic service on YouTube which I like though it is not KO.

I cycle through these and other things. I try to do one to three little things a day but I don’t always succeed. I take turns with which Netjer I honor on which day.

None of this is super KO. I still haven’t taken the beginner class. But I like my little devotions.


Wow, cool posts and group !!.. I did not think people out there really cared about the Neteru !!
Every Sunday 4 me to the UNIVERSAL FAMILY — MAAT, RA, JEHUTY, Aset Asar Heru.
When the water is low I do a full homage to ALL THE GODS like APT/BATA/ BESET/BES KOM OMBO…etc before refilling.

I try to do these at Re or Khepri if not then at Temu

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