Cyril Thomas Harris

Dear Cyril,

I never got the chance to meet you and I always wanted to. Your stories of the War and your tales of survival were amazing, coming even from your Grand Daughter Joanne’s lips.

I especially love the one about how you rode that camel around the Pyramids and could not get off because of your bad leg!!!

I want you to know that your passing West affected everyone here and not just Joanne- myself, my birds, all of us mourned your passing with tears and cuddles.

The fact you understood that Jo could not come to your funeral shows just how big your heart is, and we welcome your visits from time to time with much joy.

Please support your son Karl- it has been a terriblly sad year for him with many of his friends and family departing West. Hold him in your big heart and give him strength to continue life. I know he wept for you in the maimai and couldn’t start duck season without missing you with all his heart.

Joanne will come to your resting place with prayer soon and her prayers come not just from her, but from us all.

I promised Joanne I would send you this letter so that you may live forever.I will continue to offer to you as an Akh of our family along with other that you know: Neville, Charles, Arthur, Eileen and Deidre.

May Wesir Bless and Keep you and may you never lack for anything in the Beautiful West.

Our hearts are forever with you. You are a survivor- not just of that tank that ran you over, but a true comrade. I am so sorry I never got to meet you in person.

With much Love,

Hapetwesir (Tracy), Joanne, Oz, Kal, Moki, Bex, Splash, Kiki, Maz, Jazz, Chewy, Taz, Lili, Cyndi, Harry, Zakk, Cilla, and Netjeri