Connecting with Netjeru

What are some methods I can use to communicate with Netjer?

Em hotep!

I can only speak for myself, so what may work for me may work (or not) for you.

At the base of it, I like to try and get into a meditative state. I light a candle (I just like the look of a real candle, but I do have LEDs for a backup) and get myself comfortable, and visualise an empty scene before me. I then ask to be guided, and let the visualisation play out as it wants. I admit, it has taken me a while to let go of control of what I see, as I was afraid of forcing my movements/what I saw.

Other times, if I have the house to myself, I talk out loud to Them instead of in my head. With this, I often offer Them cool water and burn a scented candle. Sometimes I don’t know what to say, and that’s okay - sometimes the words and feelings just appear.

I also wear a necklace daily that I keep on my Senut shrine, so that helps me to feel like my Parents are near to me.

TL;DR - there are a variety of methods, and some don’t need any physical/special equipment. Just the intent that you are getting in contact with Them.


Em hotep!
I’m SUPER late to reply to this, terribly sorry!

Like Temi said, there are LOTS of ways one can go about connecting with the Netjeru, and it’s all incredibly personal! So the shortest answer is “do what feels right”. Of course, that’s not really giving examples to say that, so let me throw some at ya as well!

Now, I’m not one for meditation per se; my brain is a little too scattered to quiet down for any significant amount of time. If you ARE inclined to meditation, that is absolutely a WONDERFUL way to connect with Them!! But since I am not inclined towards it, what I personally do is just find things that reminds me of Them to interact with in some way.

For example, I have a necklace for Yinepu that I keep where I can see it, and whenever I leave the house, I wear the necklace so I have Him with me in a more tangible way. I actually have a few necklaces for my Netjeru; three for Yinepu-Anupet, and one for Shezmu, though I intend to get more for the rest of Them so that I may carry Them with me when I leave the house. It’s a small, manageable thing that keeps Them on the brain throughout the day. Reminds me They’re there every time I catch a glimpse of the necklace, or feel its weight on my neck, and it serves as a grounding tool as well. Something I can touch and feel Them near when things get stressful or I need comfort.

Like Temi also said, if I’m in a space where I am comfortable doing so, I absolutely will also talk aloud to Them! Talking quietly in my head is nice and comfortable, but it’s a different feeling to speak aloud and worth a shot if you’ve got the space to do so!

I also enjoy dedicating certain activities to Them, and I know that’s something others have done as well!
Things such as:

  • Sitting down to study a particular topic related to a Netjeru’s “specialties” (f’ex, studying funerary practices with Yinepu!)
  • Dedicating a meal to one or more Netjeru and offering for Them to join you (f’ex, “[insert Netjer name(s)], I offer for you to enjoy this [food item/drink item/meal] with me”)
  • Dedicating some hobby time to be spent with Them (I used to watch Twilight Zone with Yinepu during dinner, or play adventuring games with Wepwawet! And by ‘with’ Them, I mean I would offer for Them to join me and talk to Them while I did said activity, offer commentary, etc.)
  • Making something for Them/in Their honor is another great way to connect! If you’re artistically inclined - or even just want to try! - then drawing/painting/sculpting/etc is a great way to connect! Same for writing - there’s at least one person who does poetry for the Netjeru, and it’s a wonderful way to get to know Them!
  • Making playlists!! I keep music playlists on Spotify dedicated to my Netjeru! It’s a fun little way to get to know Them - what songs remind you of Them? Why? Keeping those songs in a playlist for Them so you can listen to it again later is a WONDERFUL way to connect!

Even simply doing some research on the Netjeru can help you connect with Them! I personally just… stumbled upon things revolving around Shezmu one day, and now He is a permanent part of my practice simply because I thought He seemed interesting, and I pursued that curiosity until I actually made a connection with Him!

There are so so SO many different ways to connect with the Netjeru! Dabble around and find what works for you! And if one method isn’t quite sticking, that’s okay! There’s plenty to try, and I’m sure there’s plenty I missed too!!

Now, if what you’re looking for is a back-and-forth communication/conversation with Them, then it’s worth bearing in mind that everyone “hears” Netjer differently, too (literally or otherwise), and learning to discern what is and is not communication is a vital process. For some, it’s little thoughts that crop up in their head that feel significant and like they came from outside of the person themselves. For others, it’s simply a sense of knowing. Others still get emotions or imagery, or a pull towards something specific… some folks communicate with divination methods, too. And those are all good and useful! I do think it’s absolutely worth simply talking to Them though, without expecting to “hear” something back. Trying too fervently to find Their replies can lead to frustration, as well as reading into or misinterpreting things, so I would very much recommend finding ways to feel connected first; the “communication” part will come, in its own time, in its own ways!

*Edited to add to the list!

Happy connecting!


Appreciate your time. I find this odd but it feels as if my thoughts are readily being listened to. Meditation is a great way to communicate, but it feels pretty odd knowing one netjer are actively listening to my thoughts.


This is a very insightful paragraph! I loved reading it. I see no problem sharing my hobbies with Netjeru. I have done so many times! Drawing out my dreams I’ve expirienced with them, or drawing them in a form they appear to me! (The Giant Cat is my favorite one). I like the idea of sharing a personal space too. or planting herbs dedicated to them, overall sharing my gardening expiriences. I will give more methods a try amd will be refering to this paragraph in the future.


When Ra? so to speak? reached out to me they never did disclose their identity to me? Is this mandetory for Netjeru to disclose their identities first and foremost in introductions?? I remember in multiple readings I’ve only been told someone’s keeping a close eye on me. You have a “secret admirer”. But I’m not entirely sure what all this means??

Sometimes, They communicate with us in ways other than words. This can be a feeling or a “vibe”, or even images or sounds and smells. Some show Themselves in dreams too. So, while you may think They aren’t introducing Themselves, maybe They are - just in a different form that plain old words. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t have enough experience of (tarot) reading to answer your other questions. I guess you could ask Ra if these readings were connected to/about Him?

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The reading was definitely describing him at the time. She kept refering to someone. whith multiple things to say about him. Like conveying emotions to me.

Is Ara a person on here?

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Apologies, that was a typo on my end. But seems you’ve asked Ra already.

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He’s never spoken to me the only signs I’ve ever gotten were through body language not verbal replies. It’s the only way I’ve interpreted anything other than that through reading. Corresponding to my last comment I only find that out through a reading. I’ve tried communicating outloud but never recieve any verbal replies, only physical ones…

Eatch encounter was stranger than the next and eatch and every time it just grew more intense. I kept asking myself hundreds of questions with eatch passing day? Until I reached a verdict. It’s an odd way of making a first impression.

I’m sorry that I don’t have much more advice to offer you than what was discussed above. That communication is so much more than verbal responses, and it’s not worth beating yourself up over that if you can’t hear anything verbally. Like Taswau said it better, everyone “hears” Them differently. You said yourself that you’re getting signs from Ra, so there is some aspect of communication even if it isn’t in the ‘typical’ fashion that we’re used to. Not everything They communicate needs to be hugely noticeable, even if we want it to be.


Listening is enough advise for me. :slight_smile: I don’t ask for too much when it comes to advise. I don’t expect big answers from this forum.
This is between me and the Netjeru that’s communicating with me. I understand I cant get all the answers I need here, but it’s my only means of communication and expression about my situation.
I wish I didn’t let my frustration get to me most when trying to understand netjeru, or others. It’s difficult to keep my temper leveled when I’m dealing with curses and netjeru all at once.