Communication via mail?

Em hotep

I wanted to adapt to communication via paper, for utmost privacy, on sensetive topics. Has anyone attempted communication via mail?

I am open to mailing anyone who is interested in possibly becoming pen pals? (Only for formal letters.) I want to focus on writing letters, it’s not as distracting, and it doesn’t feel as empty behind a screen.


I believe there is a group of people doing pen pal activities, however it might only currently be open to members.

If this is still going on, I would be willing to be a Pen Pal to someone. I am a 60 yr old grandma in the USA. The main god(s) I worship are:Sobek, Imhotep, Set, Seshat, Anpu and Bast. (Lesser- Home protectors).

Hi I am still open to the idea of writing formal letters! I am also located in the USA. In
my mid 20’s. Im still familiarizing myself with Netjer… but mainly studying the one in particular.