Checking in to say hi!

Em hotep HON Friends!

So I just started the Beginner Class and wanted to introduce myself. I’m an artist from a family of artists, just now trying to start a business using a laser engraving machine in my family’s shop (DC area). Like probably a lot of you, I’ve always been drawn to Egypt and the ancient Kemetic mysteries, and I suspect that the Netjeru have been actively involved in my life for as far back as I can recall- I’m just recently becoming aware of Their influence.

After an awakening of sorts about 9 months ago (and after previously being a very discontented atheist), I eventually decided to seek out a spiritual community and Kemetic Orthodoxy seemed like a perfect fit. I’m enjoying the first couple lessons so far and I’m excited to learn more and more.

I look forward to getting to know some kindred spirits here!

Much love,


Em hotep and welcome!

I’m in the DMV area myself (Northern Virginia) and we have several other members and priests in the area. Unfortunately we’re still too spread out to have a permanent Temple or meeting place in the area and the ongoing pandemic has put a bit of a damper on in-person meetups since they have to occur in public places or people’s private homes. But with the way things have been improving, I’m sure we’ll be able to start hosting gatherings again soon!

Always excited to see new artists joining us as well! Do you happen to have a website with some of your artwork?

Enjoy the beginners’ class! :heart:


Em hotep and welcome, Mika!

I suspect many of us will be interested in your laser engravings!

Enjoy your explorations here!

Senebty! (Be well!).


Hi Rev Mose!

After lurking for a bit I saw that there’s a few people in the area, which is awesome! I’m sure that us locals will be able to meet up in person soon enough, and I’m definitely looking forward to that. I know that life and society in general won’t be quite the same after this pandemic.

I don’t have a website up yet for the laser work, this is something I literally just wrote a business plan for a couple days ago but I’m super psyched about it! :joy: My family is being very supportive too. Before that I would paint, draw, and embroider. I do have an instagram where you can see some stuff I’ve done recently, and I just posted a photo of a “test” sample of an incense holder with a Khepri scarab design that I made on the machine yesterday. My IG is amerkindream85 if you wanna take a look, and I really appreciate your interest and your kind words! Are you an artist yourself by chance? I know just how inspiring ancient Egyptian art can be!


Thank you so much for the warm welcome, it’s good to be here!

I found you on Insta and am following. That is a very nice scarab! I am joanlansberry there, and I have some tapestries there, one in process.


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I’m going to go take a look tomorrow. (Kinda done for the day. Whoever said it’s easy getting weighted blankets back into their duvet-ish cover after washing the cover is nuts.)

So glad you’re here!

Rev. Tjesi

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I love your tapestry work! There’s something so satisfying about textile art. Followed you back. :slight_smile:

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Just getting a regular non-weighted comforter into the duvet is enough to wipe me out, I can’t say I blame you lol. Have a lovely night!

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Em hotep welcome and enjoy the class. I draw the netjer on the drawings but I’m already trying to paint on the canvas. my daughter who is 9 years old paints abstract paintings. in the meantime he is learning and searching.In time, I will provide photos of my work. Senebty Zuzana

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Thank you! (And I agree, textile work is very satisfying.)

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Welcome! It’s nice to have you here

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Welcome, and we are glad you feel at home here. You’ll be learning so much in the beginner’s course (that’s what it is for, after all), and I look forward to exploring your art!



Hello, it’s nice to meet you!

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Barreling in to scream HELLO DMV FRIENDS AND WELCOME

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Em Hotep to everyone. How is everyone this blessed evening. Jumping in to say Hi.

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I got a bit tied up with some work stuff, but wanted to catch up and say hi to everyone else who said hi over the past couple days! It’s really nice to meet you all, and I look forward to getting to know you all individually! I wanna see your artworks and such too but no rush, whenever you find the time to post about it. Everyone has been so kind! I’m planning to be on the chat this Sunday, too.

Hey Zuzana, I have two kids of my own and my son is around the same age as your daughter. The younger generation is very sensitive, super smart, and artistically-inclined. It makes me want to make the world a better inheritance for them, that’s for sure.


Welcome Mika! Good to see a fellow artist and art lover!


Hello Mika! How is the class going?