Catherine Lee Mould


I wasn’t fortunate enough to have met you, neither were my mum or uncle, but you’re still thought of a lot. I was always led to believe that you died in childbirth, then it was cancer, and now only recently I discovered that it was ganggreen. It was quite a shocking thing to find out as I guess you don’t expect something like that to take a member of your family. I’m sorry that medical research and treatment at the time was unable to save you.

My grandad, your son, is incresingly upset that there are no photographs of you. The family don’t have anything to physically remember you by but we all think of you, especially my grandad. I think of you many times a week, too. I wish I knew more about you and the life you led before passing. I wish I knew what kind of person you were and what your sense of humor was like. Or even to just know what you looked like…

I’m proud to have you as one of my Akhu. Although you’re ‘unknown’ to me, I’m still happy that you were a part of my family. Without you, I wouldn’t have been born the person I am today. You undoubtedly gave me the genes and traits that I have, and I know that you’re proud of how your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren turned out. I only ask that you continue to guide us all and help us as one of our Akhu, even if it’s only me who honours you as such. I’m proud to have taken your middle name as my own middle name, and my sister has taken your first name as her middle name. You live on in our very own names!

Your great-granddaughter,