Bruno Checone

Hi dear Bruno,

Know, already have been a lot of time since you left, I miss you so much. My days are a bit empty without you, I guessed that someone that I really love die I would be fine, but I’m not fine, today is your birthday and I think in you all time, you was my best friend and brother my cousin, we grow up together and we did a lot of stuff together also, I never imagined that you would go so soon. I really have a lot of thing for to tell my brother but how are we can talk now? Well I really hope that you are on a better place right now, I know that letter can’t to arrive till you but let’s imagine that can. If you read perhaps you could know how I feel me without you and how you was important to me, same that I never spoke this to you, I see you on the other side when I die also, stay well my brother!