Bat Dad, na na na na na

Em Hotep! Though new to your community, I wish you all blessings in your work.

I’ve been many things and will be many things in this life with one constant, I love a good story! I offer part of mine, for those willing to receive it. It starts with my mother who was a practitioner of divination and invocation early in life and who eventually became a broken vessel, constantly refilled with divine love that spilled out wherever she went, until the vessel finally shattered in this world. Seeing this progression of a life of spirituality greatly influenced me and I was fortunate enough to share a portion of that journey with her from a young age until I began walking a spiritual path of my own. That path has lead me to intersect paths with many amazing people and see many beautiful perspectives within various occult and religious communities. I used those perspectives to build a stable and healthy life for myself while trying to offer what I can to others while receiving what others offer, careful not to give what should not be given or take what should not be taken. So here I am offering what I can and to receive what you wish to share, ready to write a new chapter in my story!

With that said, I have several mundane interests and communities to list. I am involved in the anthropomorphic community and associate as a bat to them, or as most of them call me “Bat Dad, na na na na na”. I grew up with technology and that is my bread and butter, as well as some of my entertainment in gaming or creating interesting tools. I am an avid music fan with tastes across all era’s and geographies, from ABBA to Tarkan, Ghost to Orville Peck, Depeche Mode to Morecheeba, Powerwolf to Rezz, and so on. I host crafting parties and taco nights (there’s nothing quite like a fresh corn tortilla!).

Thank you for reading and I really am excited to see what new insights you all have to share!

(short for Colorado, my chosen name, since most of my friends prefer short names out of convenience. :smiley: )


Em hotep and welcome, Rado! (Awesome chosen name by the way)

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Em hotep! Welcome!

Em hotep and welcome, Rado!

(Short for ‘Senuwierneheh’ “My Two Forever”) (Set and Hathor)

Em hotep! And welcome!

Em hotep and welcome!