Aurora Starwing and my RPD akhu


I think my piercing has finally healed, so I can change it to a black ring for you. I know you’d scoff at me. I don’t care, deal with it :stuck_out_tongue: We still have your feather, the one you gave Kalman. It’s in his room on a high shelf where he can’t reach it. He’s going to be four soon. I remember how tiny he was when you gave him that. I remember the look on his face and the look on yours.

I miss you so much. When I first read that you’d died, I got really angry and scolded them for making such a sick joke. It wasn’t possible. You are my heart, my sister, even when we never spoke we were close. And now, I know you are not ‘dead’. You’re just somewhere else. And we’re not speaking but we’ve done that before. Then as now it’s alright, because we know, you love me and I love you.


The akhu who spoke up in my RPD

I don’t know who you are. From your tone, I suspect some of you may be from the body’s akhu, maybe even close to me in relation. I would ask that you make sure all reassurances are sincere. I know that you are in the afterlife, and you can see clearly now what before death you might have hoped or assumed. But make sure, for me.

Because really, what I want to focus on is gratitude. Not only did you help convince me that you are all really there by cutting to the heart of what has upset me in my life of late, but you told me what I needed to hear. I cannot thank you enough for that. May you always have cool water.

~Allati Pack