Aubrey Ryder

Dear Aubrey,

Our time to know each other was very short, but in that time I got to know how sweet and gentle you were. I had high hopes for your dreams, and was sure you would acheive them.

You were wonderful with all the children at the Primary School you volunteered in. You were the best role model I could ever imagine for the children, and you made such a difference to so many of them, more than I think you even realised.

It is a shame that you have had to go west at such a young age, and with such a wide future ahead of you. I hope they discover why your car went of the road, as I believe, as so many have stated, you would not have been doing those things just for fun. You were too responsible and too smart to let your friends do that.

I am sure your family have sent your soul off according to their culture, but I wanted you to know that I am also letting you go according to mine. So be free while you are going west, as although you left a lot of potential and love behind, you are going to enjoy your next journey.

There is a lot of people who are going to miss you, Aubrey. Me one of them.

Love and Friendship