Asetwedjbai's Akhu

Hail to my Akhu, shining like gold in the vault of Nut!

Grandma Elaine,

I am told that you loved me very much in the 18 months that we shared together. I don’t remember you at all, which makes me very sad. You son David, my Dad still grieves that we didn’t get to know each other. He says that I have many of your traits, which makes me happy. Since I was very small I’ve thought of you as a guiding spirit in my life. Please allow me to honour you, to get to know you, and to build a relationship with you. May your Ka be satisfied.

Grandma Billie,

My memories of you are sweet. Summer days at your house, walks in Queen’s Park, baking cookies…I know there was much turmoil in our family, but none of it has touched my memory of you. I know you live on in your daughter Leslie and me. May your Ka be satisfied.

Great-Grandma Edith,

You believed that I once lived in Kemet. You told us this many years ago. You were always someone I looked up to, becuase of your wisdom, your art, your way of saying exactly what is on your mind. You are still remembered and loved by my Dad and me. May your Ka be satisfied.

Unnamed Sister,

I must have known you in our time before life. I don’t know when you left me, but I know that you are there in the West. I often wonder what you would have been like: an identical twin sister. You know I’ve cried for our lost relationship. Guide me, dear; for when I meet you in the West we will be whole again. May your Ka be satisfied.

Craig McKill,

Craig I miss you so much. I still haven’t moved past the pain of losing you; the anger and guilt for not knowing that you were hurting so much inside. I remember your words to me inour grade 12 yearbook, and how they are amoung the most meaningful things anyone has ever said about me. Craig you are one of my best friends, whether I always knew that or not. You were always true to yourself and others. We had so much pain in us, Craig. We should have spoken of it, but we moved with the seemingly inescapable tide that pushed us into “adulthood”. Craig it hurts me to visit your grave. There is nothing there to mark you; to speak of the loss.

I pray that your pain was been healed now. I pray that under the Sycamore tree you have been eased. May your Ka be satisfied.

To my Akhu who I do not know,

I honour you. I pledge to nourish your Kas. Guide me through this life that I may live in Ma`at to the end of my days. May your Kas be satisfied.

A thousand thousand of every good thing unto you.

Dua Aset! Dua Het-hert! Dua Wesir! Dua Yinepu! Dua Netjer! Nekhtet!

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