Asetmeri's Akhu

Dear Dad, grannie Ami, granpa Viktor, Nancy, Ulla, grannie Mimmi, granpa Olle… and all you others who have gone before me, now shining like stars in the Vault of Nut…

Dad - I miss you so much. Though you´ve been gone for so long now, 20 years, I still find myself whishing things would have been different and that you could have stayed to guide me a little longer. God knows I had needed it. But I talk with you every day and sometimes you answer me, and I thank you for the great gifts that you gave me in my childhood. Gifts I think back on now and which I cherish and am grateful for, gifts that have given me strength and endurance throughout my difficulties. That is priceless. And the greatest gift of them all is the one you and my mother gave me through Netjer - my life. I humbly thank you.

Grannie Ami, noone but you had the strength neccessary when it came to a pinch. You did what noone else did. You assumed responsibility. You were always there, you were stability. You practised Love, even though grumpy at times. I know your life was not an easy one. But you always did what you thought best, in your own, God-fearing way. And on top of that you loved me. Words cannot express my gratitude.

Granpa Viktor, you went West so early, I was just a small girl and never got enough time to get to know you. But live on, through Dad and in me. Somehow I know you anyhow.

Nancy, what can I say. I miss you. I love you, as I did until the day you died. You experienced many sorrows in your life and we could see you made some not so wise choices. Yet, through all of your burdens and your need, you had a loving heart and I believe you loved me too. You did what you could. Now I feel you near, it´s as if I could reach out my hand and touch you, and you know that I think of you every day.

Ulla, you were a bit awesome to me when I was a child, I had great respect for you. It tells me I must watch it so that I don´t become too overwhelming for small children. As I grew up I understood you had quite other talents too, and I whish that you hadn´t gone West so early, and in such a sad way. You were entitled to some fun at last, but you got too little of it. I thank you for what you gave while you were with us.

Grannie Mimmi, my dear, dear grannie. There was a deep bond between us which didn´t need much words. Indeed we never spoke about anything important. The times we spent together just floated along and I guess I was too young to really understand the nature of our bond. A simple, natural, uncomplicated one. I never thought in those terms at all. Like any young person, you take life and who´s there for granted and you think that is the way things are going to be - always. But that is not so. Now you exist in the Field of Reeds and I feel you are not too far away. I thank you for having been what you were in my life, I thank you for having given birth to my mother, and for being now my Akh.

Granpa Olle, you too died far too early. My mother was devastated. We two kids were too young to really understand. I remember granma Mimmi was in a daze. She lived on for almost 30 years as a widow. I think you were sorry, very sorry, you had looked forward to a quiet old age together with her in your house here. I hope you appreciate that we all lived in it when we were young, and that mum and Gunnar still lived in it until it became too much of a burden for them. I hope that you appreciate that my sister and Robin lives there now and plans to fix it up. I think you are quite proud of us after all S. Your goodness and generosity pervades us all and I thank you for watching over us.

For all of you, my unknown Akhu, who have gone before me, my thanks go to you for watching over us and protecting us. You are not forgotten, you are part of my life, maybe even more now than at the time of your living here. You remind me that it is my duty to teach my young nephew that he shall never forget his ancestors, and I thank you all for that insight.