The application for beginners I’ve completed mines 2/15/2022 just seeing if the classes are still going on I am in the DMV AREA (Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia)

I also would love to meet up with people in my area as well

Yes… the current class, Class 61, is just starting. Applications for that class closed at the end of December. The next class will be starting in May sometime.

Rev. Tjesi

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Heyyy! Always good to see more people from the DMV!



No way! I live just outside of DC in Maryland, and just started the beginner class. I’m happy to see someone else here from my neck of the woods.

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Em hotep!

Yes, as Rev. Tjesi noted, the next class will not be starting for a few more months (May 2022). The current beginners’ class is still in session. E-mails and notices will be posted when the next class begins in May.

I’m not aware of any meetups happening in the DC area at this time, but I know there’s certainly some interest in doing so! I’ll be sure to let you know if we do put together a public meetup sometime in the next few months.


greets you with the traditional Maryland crab-claw handshake and canister of Old Bay


You’ll usually get an email inviting you to the class, about 10 days before it starts. It is the very start of the month of May, so I wouldn’t worry too terribly much if you haven’t received anything yet!

I totally get the excitement (I was in class 60), but take deep breaths and be patient, friend!


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I’m waiting g for my class also I was told since I put my application in February I should be in class 62 … class 61 was going on … it’s May now I’m waiting patiently for the email