Anyone in Norcal?

I’m just curious if anyone is in Norcal. I’m in the Sac/Placer area personally. I think it would be cool to find people who are in this area to potentially meet up with people who are also in KO and see an actual face ^^;


Whats norcal? Is it only for members taking classes?

Hi sorry Norcal is short for Northern California. I thought If i used that term people in that area would know what i meant. :sweat_smile: sorry for the confusion!

I see your using abreviations… that definitely confused me. I live no where near there!

I’m in Sacramento as well as a few others. We’ve met up once or twice for in person events, but they’ve largely been small, social park gatherings. Nothing recent since the pandemic, however. Welcome! :slight_smile:

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That’s so cool! Maybe we can get something going again? I have a local pagan Night out that meets up once a month that could be a good place/ reason. There’s also the local pagan events like pagan pride and pangaia