Annette ani

Udja my love, my heart! May you have all offerings in abundance given in this forum. May you have a place alwaysin the Boat of Ra and another in The Fields of Peace in Eternity Foerever. May you be beloved of your ancestors and the Neters and your illumination be forever in and throughout Universe. You are the beloved of all the Neters that I love. I am humbled by the love you gave to me, when no other was ever tuthfully given me. You are my guide now in the West as you were in life among the living. I am small before you Annette ani, and large before any that seek to cause you pain. May you always have a going in and a coming out at your wish forever and mastery over all your parts and forms and may you know and your mouth give utterance to any with Hekau who may then be not able to oppose you. I love youfor hen periods of hen periods of time and as others would say, Eternity! I love and Adore you my beloved Annette ani! Hotepu! Meri nuk Tanit!I miss you always! Your Husband who loves you eternally