Andrew Phillip Casper

Dear Andrew,

It’s been so long since you passed away, yet I miss you as though you left me only recently. A lot of this has to do with me denying my feelings.

I don’t know if you are aware - as I have yet to experience the place you have gone - but I have been to see a counsellor regarding depression, and you came up as a topic of conversation. I didn’t realise how much you had affected me. In that short time we knew each other, you came to mean so much to me. And then to be told by others that I should be over your death in a matter of weeks cut me. Thankyou for staying by my side though, as I am sure you have played some role in getting me to identify this - and now allowing me to grieve properly.

I was just remember when I first met you. It was at Maree’s party. You caught my attention immediately. I thought you were absolutely gorgeous and emitted so much energy. It’s funny how things work out though, we were not meant to be together - yet we became the greatest of friends. You taught me a lot about life. You taught me to live, you taught me tolaugh and be carefree. Most of all you taught me to not take life for granted.

It has been 9 years since you died, and what would have been your 27th birthday just passed… I no longer see anyone from the group that we were apart of, however I still sit here and think of you. You were a wonderful person.

I will never see, hear or touch you again, but you will forever be in my heart.

I hope you are well, where ever you may have gone. I hope that I can get myself on the right track now, and that one day I may gather the courage to get that photo of you - that I so much wish I had.

I love you Andrew.

Love Caroline