An Apology

Em hotep all,

This post is an apology from me to anyone I may have hurt with my actions (I’m not re-joining the House).

I just wanted to get this off my chest.

I used to be a member here like about 9 or so months ago. The reasons I left was because at the time I thought that the House was going to start monitoring and acting on members reports of people’s Facebook and other social media which all stemmed from a Priest posting somethings that lead to them being kicked out of the House.

What the majority of people here didn’t know was that I was involved in Scientology at that time (and almost from two years prior). I left Scientology about 5 months ago and since that time I have been trying to unpack things from being involved in it, such as how I was suppressing my emotions and viewed sympathy and empathy as bad things and just how much it actually changed me that I didn’t realize.

When talking to a friend, I stated that it was ironic that I thought it was bad that the House wanted to start acting and monitoring people’s social media, yet couldn’t see that Scientology does this (these are called Knowledge Reports and are a way for scientology to keep track of members actions and keep them in line), they pointed out to me the fact that one is doing it to protect people (the House), the other is doing it to harm (scientology). I had originally seen this as the same thing, as in both wanting to harm.

After I left scientology, I slowly started to stop suppressing my emotions, and have been trying to empathize more. Only very recently have I been able to get my empathy back, so to speak and from that one of those things I was unpacking, was the entire situation that was happening when I left the House. As those who were around at that time would know, the posts by the priest members were reporting back to the House was to do with Gender Affirming Care. At the time of me leaving the House and up until recently I had believed some misinformation in regards to surgery and puberty blockers and children. A week or so ago I decided to ask a friend who used to be in the House, and who is transgender, questions regarding this topic as I clearly found out there is a lot of misinformation being spread on GAC. Well I found out I had it all very very wrong. I had no idea that puberty blockers had actually been around for quite some time and weren’t a new thing. I had no idea that it was actually very hard for even adults to get surgery let alone children and they weren’t just willy nilly giving children surgery like all the propaganda says. This friend also shared with me that they would have preferred to have had surgery when younger as it would have saved them a world of pain.

What I wanted to say with this post is that I’m sorry to anyone that I may have caused harm to with the ignorant beliefs and lack of empathy I had.

I’m slowly getting back to myself again.


I understand. Please take time to heal as I know you have to be dealing with a lot mentally.


Hezet, I am so happy to hear from you! :face_holding_back_tears:

By way of news, and relevant to what you mentioned… Since you left I’ve ‘come out’ as trans. And because I’m fortunate to be in a city and state where GAC is encouraged, I’ve been on HRT since August.

If you ever want a more private conversation, Hezet, please reach out to me by whatever address or medium you choose, and I’d be delighted to correspond. :orange_heart:



Thank you Saqdi, I appreciate you.

Shaseni! or do you go by Sable now?

Good to hear from you. Congrats! I’m glad you can take the steps to be the person you want to be <3

Thank you, I appreciate it and will reach out to you privately :slight_smile:


For what it’s worth: social media is an area the moderators will not moderate or monitor.
Changing that policy is a ‘hard no’ topic.


You are loved and missed.

For real, I was thinking of you (fondly) this last week.

I’m just glad you’re unpacking all the bs from your time with them.

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Thank you Ankhet, I very much appreciate the kind words, I have missed everyone. It’s a long journey but every small step is progress. I can’t change the past, but can learn from it and try to do better.


That’s all any of us can do. I’m glad you’re doing better, that’s what counts.

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I found it very disturbing that someone had been kicked out of the House based on their social media posts. The way I see it, as long as you’re not advocating for violence against anyone, you can believe whatever your heart and mind tell you. We don’t need to worry about there being only one acceptable political viewpoint here, do we?


In all fairness, trans people and any sort of transitioning/Gender Affirming Care is not a “political viewpoint”. Someone’s right to exist and have access to medical care/basic rights is in no manner political. Sure, people are allowed to have various views and opinions, but when they are actively harmful viewpoints against people within your community (especially when you are in a position of power or held to a higher standard than others, like priesthood), you should act accordingly.


I was actually thinking about the current conflict between Israel and Hamas. Does the House have any kind of official stance, or are members free to support one side vs. the other, or simply not care one way or the other? Because I will make posts calling out what I feel is wrong, no matter which side is doing it.

Let’s keep on topic with Hezetra’s heart-felt apology. The focus is shifting a bit, and we should all be respectful of the spirit of the message they left. Let’s not turn this tread into something it’s not intended to be.


So, so, so glad to hear from you, Hezet. I’ve missed seeing your presence around these parts. :sparkling_heart:

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Thank you Iau! Good to hear from you :heart:

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Em hotep Hezet!

I am so, so grateful to hear that you were able to get away from Scientology. That is not an easy thing for anyone to do. Wishing you strength and healing.



Em hotep Rev. Zat!

Thank you, I’m glad to be out of Scientology (though I’m still getting emails, letters and phone calls from them and I imagine that will continue for sometime). I have certainly been doing better and I’m glad to now be back in the House with caring and supportive people.