Ada Ann Chitwood

Dear Great Grandma Neel,

I’ve heard so much about you. My mother really admires you and credits you for making her who she is today. She often compares me to you and how we often do similar things and think in similar ways. I haven’t met her real mother and it seems strange calling you “neel” because my Grandma Neel refers to me as her step-granddaughter, which is true. I wish I new what a woman from her ancestry was like, since I am so much like her too. And apparently you too. She tells me so many stories about you, some silly ones like the green door in your house that used to scare her. And how you made your own lotions and other handmade items from ingredients you bought from the Wietzel drugstore, the family she eventually married.

I’m currently working at a self-created business built on handmade craft items, please inspire me through my work and send signs and message, be with me, please. I’d like to know you.