A Sign

Keeping it to the important details…

I started this path just after New Years
I honor Neith and Anubis, and Neith has led me to pick up archery
The first Thursday that I went to practice Archery, there was no one there, it was right after the holidays after all.
The following week (last week) my back gave me issues on Wednesday so I opted to let my back continue to rest, meaning no Archery that Thursday.
Then earlier today (a Thursday depending on timezones and the like) I went out. However, there was another group there, of Mothers and their kids (8 to 13 by the looks of it) and I won’t lie, I didn’t exactly feel comfortable lining up for Archery near/around them, didn’t want to risk accidentally incurring the ire of the mothers, so to speak.
I decided, that rather than Thursday mornings, I will go practice later in the day.
I saw this as the sign after some realization of what had happened…

Part 2 of context
In the community I’m a part of, someone who lives in the general area near me is at risk of becoming homeless. It took them no small amount of dragging by friends due to their rather timid nature, but they asked if they could stay with me and my roommate. They are 18 and getting kicked out of their parents home because “18 and need to go become an adult” kind of stuff. I had been discussing it with my roommate for some time, and we were on the fence. Yesterday (Wednesday) I asked my Netjeru for guidance, specifically Mother Neith…

If honoring Mother Neith by practicing her craft was delayed in such a way, that when I had this particular dilemma, I would be confronted by a situation where I was made uncomfortable by kids, and would thus adjust my routine/plans to accommodate, isn’t a sign that I can adjust for another kid who, this time, is in need… I don’t know what is…


Only Neith, weaver of Fate, could have lined things up this way


Wepwawet also loves archery and arrows, bows, etc. :slight_smile: Nit and Wepwawet = Archery is perfection. :slight_smile:

But, both of these deities Wepwawet and Nit, will ask of you that you honor your fellow human beings. All of the Netjeru by that account will ask the same thing, if I might be so bold in suggesting it.

The Gods want us to take care of one another. You are doing the work of the Gods by helping another fellow human being. You are doing the work of the Gods, certainly, in my opinion. Call out for the support, of both Nit and Wepwawet, they will help you on this path for sure.

~ Nesi
House of Netjer

They/Them | “Belonging to Wepwawet” 𓃧‬
sat Wepwawet-Yinepu, meryt Hethert-Sekhmet, Amun, her Nut


I’m glad you got what you needed!

I also do archery, and Nit is my :thinking: parent netjer maybe :woman_shrugging:t3: not really sure if that’s right but I’m sure you get the idea. I’m super new here and have not even begun the beginners course, but from my personal experience, usually coincidences on top of each other with a unified theme or concept that mirrors your personal conversations with your netjer is a pretty clear communication.
Although things may not play out the way you think they might. I had a similar experience where I had begun my relationship with Nit. I met a couple and one of them had a tattoo of the eye of Re and so I thought ok cool. So knowing them for a few weeks and spending a couple nights with them I found we had a lot in common but it wasn’t really a good financial time for them and my partner and I didn’t have the means to really keep helping them. I felt terrible but we had recently fallen on hard times ourselves. This short lived friendship did help me though. If it wasn’t for them helping me gain the courage to live my true self, who knows how much longer I would have needlessly suffered. All this culminated from my reaching out and Nit, showing me that what I am is nothing to be ashamed of and indeed have a place in the world. If I was to ever meet my full potential as a human being getting my gender situation squared away needed to happen first. Nit represents thresholds, liminal spaces and transitional states, this I think ties into her nature as the “weaver of being” and with me in particular, her role in the gender spectrum as a trans/non-binary goddess.
I guess the moral of the story is don’t get all hung up if things don’t work out with this kid and they end up causing more problems than helping them is worth. Not that it will go down that way but if it does keep in mind that maybe the purpose wasn’t for you to help them and be successful but for you to help them and learn something along the way.

It sounds like you got what you needed!