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I’m a recent applicant to the beginner’s course here, and I thought I’d introduce myself to you all proper! As a long-time devotee of Iset/Aset, I’ve felt the twin siren songs of community and organisation luring me to the House of Netjer for a while now - this year at last, I’ve felt ready to apply.

The primary focus of my worship and devotion is Iset, whom I consider my Mother Most Mighty, the Holiest of Holies, and my Queen Above All. I’m also drawn to Nebet-Het, Nit-Anat, Hetheru, Tefnut-Sekhmet, Behdety, and Seshat. I don’t have any ability (nor desire) to ‘godphone’: I merely offer up my devotion and love, and rest in silent confidence that They accept my praise.

Along the secular line, I’ve been the legal age for longer than I’d care to admit (;, and I love cooking and baking, knitting and embroidery, reading and journalling, hiking and camping, cats, bees, mushrooms, caffeine, and open fireplaces.


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Em hotep and welcome

Em hotep and welcome!

Senebty! (Be well),

Em hotep and welcome! You will find a lot of fellow lovers of Aset here. She’s not one of my RPD Gods but I feel a lot of affection for her.

Hope you enjoy your time in our community!

Em hotep! Welcome!

Em hotep and welcome!

Hello Shuweri! Do you mind if I ask you about this?

The Kemetic Orthodoxy website states that “[i]n Kemetic Orthodoxy, full converts give special importance to their parent god/goddess (or pair of two deities) as revealed through our Rite of Parent Divination. However, [that does not] prevent us from honoring any other deities at any time or in any number.”

When you specify that She isn’t one of your RPD Gods, does that mean that if you chose to worship Her, you would be ‘required’ to perform that worship on a lesser level than if She were present in your divination? … Does my question make sense?

Hotep, and welcome!

If I may answer in part your question about the RPD…

The Ritual Parent Divination (which also comes with Beloveds and messages from Akhu) is one way to start/have a meaningful relationship with some gods and goddesses of Ancient Egypt. It is not the only way to do so, even within the frame of Kemetic Orthodoxy. I would not agree that any worship and relationship one has with “other” gods is lesser, just different.

I personally have good relationships with a few gods and goddesses who are not in my RPD results, and in some cases, they can be just as strong, if not stronger than, the relationships with Those in my RPD. Of course, like any relationship, things ebb and flow and change over time.

I hope that makes sense :slight_smile: When you take the beginner’s course you will learn a bunch more about the RPD and how we in Kemetic Orthodoxy create relationships with Netjer, both within the RPD structure and outside of it. But asking questions is always encouraged too!


This is a great question! Padjai already answered some of it - the RPD is just one way to look at our relationships with Gods and Goddesses. My relationship with Aset is kind of like that of an aunt that I love vey much but don’t always see, while I “live” with my two Fathers, Set and Wesir. I don’t feel like my worship or interactions with Aset are lesser, just less frequent, because She is less present in my life than my RPD Gods.

I have never felt pressured to worship any God in any particular way either before or after my RPD, by members of the House or by the Gods themselves. Hope this answer helps and isn’t too confusing!


I’d second the aunt-nalogy. Heck, even with the Gods in my Beloved lineup (that is, not my Parents, but showed up at my RPD), They’re like my Uncles. I love Them all very, very much, but in the end, if my Mom or Papa say I need to do or not do something, it’s those Two who get the final word. Sort of like actual parents and relatives: You might really love your aunt, or your mom’s best friend who is practically a second mom, but you know she’s probably going to defer to your actual mom if something serious is going on.

(That aside, I like Aset, but we don’t have a relationship. Just a lot of respect sent Her way.)


Thank you for your explanations! They make a lot of sense. :heart:

I agree with what has already been said! I have several Gods and Goddesses that are not RPD divined, but are every bit a member of my Family. Yinepu-Wepwawet, however, is Father and the Last Word on Who joins the Family and what goes on!

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