A few questions.

I have been taking my time to look around this wonderful site and have decided that this is the place I belong.
I have been alone in our faith for far too long!
Therefore I have a few questions to ask.
1 even though I have many years of experience working with the Netjeru and in particular Aset, Wasir and Heru I have seen a number of people who have mentioned that I would need to take the beginners course to become a member.
This is something that I am more than willing to take, there must be order and balance otherwise chaos.
2 I was given my name Shepsetet by Aset 45 years ago however, I understand that there would be a naming ceremony at some point in the future. I am very attached to Shepsetet, would it be possible to retain my name?
3 I believe that there is a temple in London could you please advise me if it is still open?

I thank you in advance for your assistance in this.

Go in love and peace and may the Netjeru protect and guide you.

Shepsetet xx

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Em hotep,

  1. Yes, to become a full member of Kemetic Orthodoxy, one must take the beginner’s class as it introduces you to how this temple operates. You can find the sign-up for that here.
    The link to sign up is on the left hand side of the screen

  2. The naming ceremony is actually on hold at present due to the current reorganization taking place. It was tied to the Rite of Parental Divination and that Rite is currently on hold indefinitely. However, even if you were to go through the naming here, no one would demand that you relinquish a gifted name.

  3. To my knowledge, a temple in London was never established by this organization. The only standing-structure temple that Kemetic Orthodoxy had was in Joliet, IL and that building was sold at the end of 2023. There are no current plans to buy or build a new physical temple.


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Em Hotep Nebitbast,

Many thanks for getting back to me and the information, now I understand the beginners course is not necessarily for people who are new to our faith more an understanding of the temple itself. Thank you.
I apologise for my mistake regarding the temple in London.
I am pleased to be assured that my gifted name does not have to be relinquished.

I shall make an application for the next course as soon as possible.

Once again thank you.

May the Netjeru walk with you always.

Shepsetet xx