Member-run groups (open to the public)

The House of Netjer Kemetic Orthodox Temple (“Temple”) does not endorse any member-organized groups (“Groups”). The Temple explicitly denies any responsibility for the content of or actions of these Groups. Members are reminded that the Temple does not have any direct oversight of these Groups. The Temple does not establish or enforce any rules or procedures within Groups or provide moderation for any events, social media channels, or other interactions for any Groups. The Temple does not offer, confer, or guarantee Group member privacy or membership. Each Group is autonomous and recognized by the Temple solely for the purpose of facilitating Temple community support. Not all Groups may be open to all Temple Members and some groups may be open to people outside the Temple membership. Membership within the temple does not guarantee access to any of Groups or related websites, forums, blogs, social media channels, communication servers, or the like. By participating in a Group, you agree to release and forever hold The House of Netjer Kemetic Orthodox Temple harmless as to any alleged or actual harm resulting from participating in a Group.

Public Group Listing

The following is a list of independent groups run by members of Kemetic Orthodoxy which are open to non-members joining them.

Kemetic Orthodoxy Fellowship


Facebook group: This group is for Kemetic Orthodox members (current or former), as well as anyone who has gone through the Beginner’s Class with the House of Netjer Kemetic temple. We are here to chat, hang out, get to know one another, and share our lives both as Kemetics and as everyday people.

Group open to
Anyone who has completed the Beginners’ class

How to join and click the button to Join the Group. You will be asked a few questions and put into a queue so your request to join can be reviewed and approved.

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