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Asmodeus is a demon prince in Jewish and Islamic lore. There a few Names that deal with the sun, but usually when people ask about “the sun god”, they are referring to Ra. These two have no relation or connection so far as I am aware.


Back from my physical recovery! Has anyone else had this same expirience working with Amun? I have a feeling that it is Amun not Ra. There aren’t many details I could go off of. Other than “No face” or glowing eyes. They aren’t very verbal per say.

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I’m not aware of any experiences I’ve had with either Amun or Ra. Other than like experiencing the sun. That’s part of why I signed up, to get to know more about the Netjeru. I first felt called to Nut and then sort of tentatively started honoring Sekhmet as well, but I’ve been really unsure of how/whether to try connecting with Others and feel like I could really use some guidance there.


I see that is interesting ofc not everyone is going to have the same expiriences with the same deity and that is whats great about reading other peoples interests it brings different expiriences together! I’ve decided to join to get to make connections and make reflections with my expiriences as well.

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Why do some deities choose to communicate physically apposed to communicating verbaly?

Em hotep and welcome! <3 All deities have different personalities, interests, and preferences. Some may be more inclined to certain communication styles than others, or perhaps they have differing opinions on how they would like you to perceive them.

If you are interested in possible divination with Amun-Ra, Rev. Ihhyensenu is trained in fedw for him. Fedw is a form of divination unique to Kemetic Orthodoxy that can answer simple yes/no questions. <3

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Tjemsy Em Hotep!

That sounds interesting and I’d like to give it a chance, but how does it work?

It’s a form of divination that is only taught in-person by Hemet (AUS). It involves throwing 4 sticks and interpreting how they fall to determine a yes-no-unclear response. There is a lot more to it, but that’s what I understand about it from what I have witnesses from having readings done. I am not personally trained in the form myself either.


@MahariWynn13 Thanks for the explanation there is not much information out there on the subject.

@Tjemsy If its in person does this mean I have to travel to the actual house of Netjer? Could it be done through video confrence or…?

At this moment, Kemetic Orthodoxy does not have a physical location that is active and open to the public. We do have a property called Tawy House that was once used as a retreat and conference center, but the building is no longer habitable and has been up for sale for some time. The “House” in our name, “House of Netjer,” is used to mean “Temple,” but is not referring to a visitable physical place. This naming convention has been used for actual Egyptian places like Per-Bast, the “House of Bast.” When folx refer to “seeing” fedw done in person, they are likely referring to an in-person gathering where a fedw diviner was present. Gatherings can happen anywhere, but since they are run by the membership, it is hard to predict “when” (or where) one might happen before they are announced.

As such, fedw does not need to be performed in-person, and it is often done in a text-based exchange. This can be IRC or Discord for members, or via personal message on the forums or by e-mail for guests. If you are interested in fedw for Amun-Ra, you would send a forum message to Ihhyensenu asking if they are able to divine for you. You will then work together to form a yes-or-no question to divine, they will perform the divination privately, and then they will share the results with you. <3


Many thanks for the explanation! <33 The title of the organization through me off. Thanks for guiding me to the right path!

Am I allowed to ask personal questions regarding about my personal faith? Should there be boundaries set between the forum and my personal faith, how open can I be about my personal faith?

I don’t see why you can’t be open about your personal faith and practices here. There are many here that even have practices in that they worship and/or work with more than one pantheon. We also don’t preach that we are “the one right way”.


That’s great to know! I don’t find many people that practice the kemetic faith!

My spiritual path is a painful one I cant walk away from it so easily, I try to distract myself from it everyday. (Its deeply rooted in my family lineage.) My life feels like a mess because of it Im in pain everyday. Any minor inconvenience makes my mind spiral out of control. Everything that was supposed to go right in my life fell flat with my spiritual path. I cant tell anyone about it in person because Im afraid I’ll be humiliated the majority of the time its never taken seriously. Its a very sensetive topic to speak into existence. Bringing up such a sensetive topic will only make everyone awkward and uncomfortable. It’s practically forbidden to speak in existence because I’ll sound demented. I’ve shut myself out from everyone because I’m afraid I’ll be judged to harshly. I’ve never been given a chance to speak out honestly about my painful expirience because I’m always put in an awkward position to keep it to myself. Its never been brought up ever since I shut myself out… My suicidal thoughs have gotten more severe with time.

Maybe don’t take spirituality so seriously. It’s not meant to be taken too seriously because existence is not that serious. When it’s taken too seriously I think that’s when it starts to become toxic.
Owning a body is like owning a car, getting to where you want to be safely is best done nice and easy and every once in a while you should stop at a service station and have a professional take a look under the hood and make sure everything is running smoothly.

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When you say your spiritual path, are you referring to the religion/culture you were raised in, or Kemeticism? Or both? Either way, you’re free to talk about it here. <3

This is a very late reply… I didn’t understand what this meant or how to reply to it. I appreciate your concern.

My life is a train wreck and my mind is racing 24/7. I’m not sure how I managed to survive this long.

Hello. Thanks for your concern!!

I meant the religion I was raised in which was christianity, it wasn’t a healthy teaching of christianity. I wasn’t allowed to express my interests in spirituality as it was deemed a taboo, paired with all the judgement and heavy stigmas I was taught to keep quiet and this made me expressionless. This made me afraid of expressing my spiritual experiences growing up. I eventually did open up about my “curse” but it blew up in my face. It made everyone so much more stressed. All I wanted to do was talk about my frustrations but there was alot of miscommunication. They eventually moved on, and its never been brought up again. My siblings are too busy for me. I never got the chance to express anything and it all ended up becoming a trainwreck. I can’t go back to having that small moment again. After all was said and done I tried expressing it I’d be judged or ignored.